Honed Polished Concrete Driveway

The Value of a Honed Polished Concrete Driveway

A concrete driveway is one of the best investments any property owner can make to increase the overall value of their home or business premises. It is virtually free of maintenance and with the occasional wash and reseal will last more than several lifetimes. A honed polished concrete driveway is also beautiful and enhances the look of any house.

What You Should Know About Honed Polished Concrete Driveways

Honed Concrete is in itself an art, whereby after being poured, the concrete is mechanically ground down with diamond blades to a desired level of smoothness, exposing the aggregate inside and leaving a smooth, glistening surface.Honed outdoor polished concrete is a versatile material that offers ultimate strength and durability, polished concrete is an ideal material to use in your outdoor areas. No matter whether it rains, hails or shines, your outdoor concrete features will remain strong and sturdy. As weeds are unable to grow through the surface, it offers an effective alternative to pavers and wooden decking in patio areas. It’s also a great choice for driveways and pathways as it is able to endure ongoing tyre tread as well as high levels of foot traffic.

  • There are also many financial benefits that can be gained from using outdoor polished concrete in your home or business. Designed for longevity, there are very few costs associated with honed concrete once installed, unlike timber, pavers and tiles that require ongoing maintenance and artificial grass or rubber flooring that needs to be regularly replaced. By adding concrete features to your outdoor area, you may also be able to increase the value of your property
  • Honed outdoor polished concrete can be used for a wide range of applications in residential and commercial landscaping. With a contemporary, minimalist aesthetic and the strength to withstand harsh weather conditions, it is suitable to use in driveways, alfresco areas, pathways, staircases, outdoor benches and much more.

Polished concrete floors are a stunning application that creates a “WOW” factor for any Perth home whether you are looking for standard grey concrete, or the highly exquisite honed and polished concrete.

Creative Ways to Use Polished Concrete Designs

We are not limited to casting durable driveways and offer customers in the Perth area other creative ways of using concrete in and around their homes. Polished or unpolished, we do diverse designs in concrete, such as:

  • Tables and benchtops for indoor and outdoor use polished to your unique requirements. Perfect for use in kitchens or the barbecue area, with custom provision for your preferred heat source, fridge and pizza oven.
  • Outdoor seating for a unique and lasting addition to the relaxing enjoyment of your garden. We also make decorative concrete walkways and steps.
  • We can add various types of aggregate or stones to the concrete to further enhance and individualise the table, bench or pathway.

Hardcore Concrete Designs is the premier choice for polished concrete in Perth, as our level of craft ensures a product that will stand up hard use for many decades. Contact us for a free quote on your requirements.

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