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Little Known Facts About Decorative Concrete in Perth

The usage of concrete in numerous commercial projects or residential homes has seen massive growth over the last few years, with several new types and techniques consistently entering the market. The world of concrete is no longer contained within the image of dull, grey floors or walls. This rapid pace in development can be overwhelming. Still, when we enter the realm of decorative concrete in Perth, there is no denying that we must explore some key facts to unveil a world of opportunity to you and inspire some incredible ideas.

  • Polished versus honed concrete. Decorative concrete simply means that concrete can function as more than just a construction medium but also accomplishes aesthetic charm. Two popular types of decorative concrete for large commercial or residential projects are polished and honed, and even though the differences are minimal, there is a difference.
  • Identifying polished concrete. Polished & burnished concrete floors are well suited for home, office or industrial settings. The differences between polished and honed lie in their polishing levels and degree of shine. If you stand on a floor and see your reflection clearly, it means the shine levels are incredibly high, and you are looking at a polished floor. You will often find this in shopping malls – take a look next time.
  • Recognising honed concrete: If you had to stand on a concrete floor and only barely saw a slight overhead reflection, it is honed concrete, easily identifiable thanks to its low shine matte appearance.

Hardcore Concrete Designs offers both types and a selection of others. Please browse our decorative cement projects. We also install honed concrete for pool surrounds, beautifully rounding off the edge of the pool header to give it a seamless edging to create a lavish design.


Why You Should Use Hardcore Concrete Designs

We offer a range of decorative concrete ideas to create several beautiful and unique structures, be it floors, bar counters, outdoor walkways, pool surrounds, and so the list goes on. This decorative concrete list is endless, from a concrete plinth, floating steps to honed concrete, just to name a few. Here are three quick decorative concrete usage ideas:

  • Concrete bar top. We can create concrete bar tops with an assortment of design options. You decide on the size and shape, and you can even personalise it with decorative inlays.
  • Floating floors. Floating steps add a beautiful ambience to any area, especially outdoors. You can opt for matt (honed) or super gloss (polished).
  • Tabletop. We formed and poured a natural polished concrete tabletop with tile inlays at the premises of an organisation. It is beautifully unique, acts as a prominent focal point, and we can design according to your brand or décor.

We encourage you to explore your options to see what will work for your next project and pool surrounds. Never underestimate the endless opportunities when it comes to concrete, and if you still feel overwhelmed, give us a call, and we will guide you every step of the way.

Decorative concrete is much more than a job, it’s our passion. Everyone at Hardcore Concrete Designs including architects, landscape designers, and concrete artisans, are highly skilled at their job. We only use top-quality, long-lasting products; used as close to home as possible. Furthermore, to offer you 100% satisfaction, we hire only well-trained and certified personnel. Moreover, all of our products are well suited to the hot Perth climate. We only design concrete that lasts for years to come.

At Hardcore Concrete Designs, we are proud to build a reputation for providing top-quality concrete applications and solutions for Perth’s homes.  Our experienced team has decades of experience and so we cover all our work with a complete guarantee.  As Perth’s leading decorative concrete specialist, Hardcore Concrete Designs provide exhaustive project management from initial consult to the final polish.

Truth to be spoken, our prices are extremely competitive. We offer a range of decorative concrete solutions for inside and outside the home. Renovating your property in Perth can never be more affordable than choosing Hardcore Concrete Designs.

You can consider us as a one-stop solution for all your concrete requirements. Choose us to create a beautifully crafted concrete finish for your space anywhere across the Perth region.

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