Are concrete benchtops worth the investment?

Are concrete benchtops worth the investment?

Whether you’re sprucing up broken fixtures or avid for a home reno makeover project this summer, concrete kitchen benchtops are all the rage. Ask any interior designer or bona fide concrete contractors in Perth, and they’ll tell you that your quest for durable, stylish, and functional kitchens includes concrete benchtops. Its trend celebrates daring raw textures and structural elements as intrinsic components to a versatile canvas for creativity for homeowners. Here’s a succinct guide on the creation, upkeep, and utilisation of concrete benchtops.

Benchmarking Concrete Kitchen Benchtops

The Pros

  • One-of-a-kind look – Concrete is highly dynamic; it can be moulded to fit your needs and stained with unique hues and elements like stones and glass.
  • Resilience and Longevity: With consistent sealing and waxing, these benchtops are engineered to endure and serve for generations.
  • Elevates home value – As a premium kitchen surface, they are a luxurious addition that usually boosts your property’s worth.

The Cons

  • Bigger investment – Measured per area, concrete benchtops can be a significant financial commitment, accompanied by an extended fabrication period.
  • Hefty in weight Tipping the scales at approximately 10 to 12 kilograms per square metre, professional installation is pivotal to avert stress on support structures.
  • Vulnerability to Wear– Being porous, they demand vigilant maintenance to ward off cracks, scratches, and blemishes.

Trustworthy contractor Perth WA

The allure of concrete kitchen benchtops is evident, yet the journey from concept to completion can be intricate. Many Perth homeowners recount tales of substandard installations, with up to 60% encountering problems in the initial years. With years of experience as a builder of concrete kitchen benchtops in Perth, Hardcore Concrete Design specialises in heat-resistant, durable, and premium concrete surfaces. Our homegrown craftsmen are veterans in the industry, and we create beloved, refined, and unique interiors at competitive rates with zero compromise on quality.

Here’s why we stand out

  • Reinforced sturdiness – A combination of limestone, reinforced fibreglass, and other unique additives, we build concrete benchtops that are tough, durable, and bespoke.
  • Aesthetic and practical– We customise bold, innovative, and chic concrete benchtops to complement your individualistic taste and home requirements.
  • Never cookie-cutter – Your home is our focal point. We pride ourselves on our swift, bespoke, and value-added services, maintaining accountability and accessibility whenever you require.
  • Crafted to impress – Our unwavering eye for detail ensures the creation of durable, safe structures with a polished finish.

Ready to embrace the change your kitchen deserves? Visit Hardcore Concrete Designs or dial 0421205679 for an obligation-free quote. Embark on a journey where impeccable quality and creativity converge– let us sculpt the cornerstone of your culinary haven.

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